Mortgage Essentials
Mortgage Essentials


1. Plan a budget based on affordability, depending on outcome of Total Debt Servicing Ratio and Mortgage Servicing Ratio

2. Minimum Cash outlay required

3. CPF OA funds that could be used to fund the property purchase and/or service the property loan

4. Stamp duty charges including Stamp Duty, Additional Buyers Stamp Duty and Seller’s Stamp Duty

5. Loan Tenor and Interest rates


1. Secured an In Principal Approval from Bank

2. Embark on Property Hunting

3. Ensure the property price is within valuation via a Mortgage Consultant

4. Buy your dream home and secure your Option to Purchase

5. Seek unbiased advisory from a Mortgage Consultant on your financing needs

6. Exercise your Option to Purchase via a lawyer

7. Collect your keys on the completion date

8. Commence on renovation and shopping for home essentials


1. Ensure Eligibility to refinance

2. Seek advisory from a Mortgage Consultant on the best property financing solutions

3. Secured a loan approval and complete the acceptance of the Letter of Offer

4. Engage a lawyer handle the refinancing process

5. Save money on interest!